Reclaim your inner balance with Adaptogens for improved energy, more clarity and calmer focus

Can you Enhance Your Longevity with
Pure Organic Wasabi Rhizome Capsules?

Amazingly Powerful Adaptogen emerging from obscurity after 16,000 Years.
Research Supports What The Japanese Have Known for Thousands Of Years!


Finally Available !!
Nutraceutical Grade, Pure Rhizome Powder from Organically Grown Wasabi

Science confirms the powerful precursors of Sulforophanes, Isothiocyanates and other healing compounds are most concentrated in Rhizomes of Wasabia japonica plants

Isothiocyanates and Sulforophanes in Real Wasabi Rhizomes provide powerful Adaptogenic Benefits for Sustainable Vitality and Long Lifespans

Native to Japan, the real wasabi plant (Wasabia japonica) has long been indispensable in Japanese cuisine and traditional Japanese medicine. During the Jomon period (around 14,000 BC to 400 BC), only the elite ruling classes were permitted to partake of the highly prized real wasabi plant. It has actually taken eons for authentic Japanese wasabi to make its way out of the Japanese palaces and castles to become the sophisticated, essential and unique ingredient in the global cuisine scene that it is today...

The truth is, most “wasabi” isn’t!
What you get in most restaurants is NOT Wasabi.
Typically just horseradish with green coloring!

The real wasabi plant (Wasabia japonica) has lived under a cloud of misinformation for centuries.
Real wasabi is now re-emerging to claim its rightful place of prominence as an healing power house as scores of scientists worldwide study its unique chemistry and its vast array of promising health benefits.

Here is just a sampling of the many wonderful health enhancing properties you might not have yet
heard about or discovered about the amazing and elusive Real Wasabi (Wasabia japonica) Plant!

1. Wasabi For Longevity * 6-methylthio hexyl isothiocyanate (6-MSITC) is a sulfonyl compound in
Wasabi that helps the body lower reactive oxygen. Reactive oxygen compromises the immune system
and makes your body susceptible to many cancers. Recent studies have shown that the Isothiocyanates
in Wasabi suppress cells and enzymes that promote inflammation and compromise your immune system, including Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and cytokines like interleukins and tumor necrosis factor (TNF). Inflammation and a compromised immune system in turn have been shown to make us susceptible
to a whole host of lifespan shortening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. more...

2. Wasabi Reduces Inflammation, Pain, Stiffness and Swelling - Better than Turmeric * Wasabi
and Turmeric both contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that have been shown to produce measurable results in reducing pain, stiffness and swelling, but Wasabi also inhibits platelet aggregation
and blocks prostaglandin, which is a pain and inflammation triggering neurotransmitter.

3. Wasabi May Help Prevent Cancer * Recent research studies have found that Wasabi could
help prevent cancer development. The 6-MITC in Wasabi induces cell death or apoptosis in stomach
cancer cells and monoblastic leukemia cells. 6-MSITC is also effective in flushing out free radicals
which have been shown to play a significant role in the development of various types of cancer cells.

4. Wasabi is good for Weight Loss * In a recent study a compound called 5-Hydroxyferulic acid
methyl ester (5-HFA ester) isolated from wasabi inhibited the growth and formation of fat cells by turning
off a gene involved in fat formation. Another recent study found that wasabi extract prevented weight
|gain in subjects on a high-fat, high-calorie diet by hindering the growth and production of fat cells.

5. Wasabi for Brain Health * Wasabi has been shown to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.
Isothiocyanates in Wasabi have been shown to inhibit plaque aggregation and blood clot formation
and in some cases dissolve amyloid plaque (believed to be a precursor to Alzheimer’s Disease)
on the walls of the blood vessels in the brain.

6. Wasabi For Gut Health * The bioactive Isothiocyanates in Wasabi have been shown to enhance the
mix of microbes in the gut, thereby improving the overall health andwell-being of the gut biome. Wasabi increases beneficial bile production to cleanse both the gallbladder and the liver. The high amount of fiber in Wasabi reduces constipation, regulates bowel movements, and removes toxins. Wasabi contains allyl isothiocyanate which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria such as E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, H. pylori, and Salmonella sp., Wasabi has also shown to help eliminate Anisakis parasites commonly
found in cod, salmon, squid, and other seafood; especially when they are raw or partially cooked.

7. Wasabi For Blood Health, High Cholesterol and Hypertension * 6-(Methylsulfinyl) hexyl
isothiocyanate in Wasabi has been shown to inhibit blood clot formation which in turn reduces the
risk of heart attack and strokes. Wasabi is a naturalanti-hypercholesterolemic.Studies have shown
that diets high in Wasabi have decreased LDL levels in hypercholesterolemic subjects. The high
potassium low sodium content in Wasabi has been shown to relax blood vessels, regulate
blood pressure and improve blood flow, thereby reducing hypertension.

* These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Daruma Sawa-Wasabi on Bearpen Farm in NC, the oldest True Sawa Wasabi Farm in North America

Wasabi Plants Nurtured On Organic Farms

Wasabi can thrive in gravel creek beds in full shade that receive a constant supply of fresh water and
thus, Wasabia japonica grown in this way is referred to as “Sawa Wasabi” which means “water grown.”

It especially thrives on the north facing mountains in temperate rain forests at 3,800 feet elevation.
Scientific Studies and Lab Tests confirm that the greatest concentration of the secret, powerful, healing Isothiocyanates, Sulforophanes and Glucosinolates
and other healing compounds are found in the Rhizomes of the Real Wasabi Plants
NutraSabi™ Nutraceutical Grade Wasabi is grown under carefully controlled conditions with love and
attention to detail on pristine organic farms and is proprietarily processed to preserve every bit of its potency and powerful healing properties.
Sawa Wasabi takes two to three years of expert, loving cultivation to come to full maturity and potency.
We have been on a passionate mission for years here at NutraSabi™ to develop the cleanest, purest and most potent Nutraceutical Wasabi in the world.

Each Vegan Capsule of our Nutraceutical Wasabi contains 500 mg of 100% pure Wasabi Rhizomes.
No roots. No stems. No leaves. No binders. No fillers. No animal products. No preservatives.

We are so happy to offer you NutraSabi™ 100% Pure, Nutracetical Grade Wasabi Rhizome Powder
made from Certified Organically Grown Daruma Wasabi Plants
, in Vegan Capsules, an easy,
convenient way to access the renowned healing properties of this rare and wonderful Wasabi Plant.

Join us today to energize your health journey to optimize your wellness, and enjoy your trek
toward the immunity, vitality and virility that you’ve always wanted and you know you deserve.

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