The NutraSabi Story

NutraSabi™ is founded on a core belief that select adaptogenic botanicals, such as Wasabia japonica, with appropriate regular dosage, will naturally and safely build, encourage and support improved homeostasis (inner balance) in humans.

At NutraSabi, we believe select adaptogenic botanicals, such as Ashwagandha, Reishi, Turmeric, Ginseng and authentic Wasabia japonica, can naturally and safely encourage and support equilibrium in our bodies.  We offer sustainably sourced, 100% Pure Wasabi Rhizome and other Adaptogenic supplements and blends in vegan capsules

NutraSabi™ is the brainchild of North Carolina wasabi farmer Doug Lambrecht with support of his wife Renee', long time business partner Brooks Quinn, family, friends and loyal customers. Inspired by results of experiments and science research with authentic Wasabia japonica, Doug and crew have been focused on formulating NutraSabi™ offerings that support healthy immune responses and encourage homeostasis in humans.  One of our core drivers is sustainably sourced adaptogenic botanicals, nutraceuticals and  blends

NutraSabi™ is headquartered on Bearpen Mountain Farm, North America's oldest continuously operating "Sawa Wasabi" (water-grown) farm in the misty mountains of western North Carolina at approximately 3800 ft elevation, where the nearly ideal temperate rainforest climate is quite similar to northern Japan, where wasabi grows naturally.